Richards Excavating, through years of hydro-excavating and environmental remediation experience, is now offering a safe, clean, and cost-effective method of dealing with onsite slurry and free-flowing liquid containment and disposal. With the addition of an all-natural and environmentally neutral binding agent, we are able to produce a solidified and manageable product that will streamline the loading and cartage process. As the regional distributor, we will provide a quality product and outstanding service to make sure all of your company’s needs are met. 


To provide an environmentally safe and cost-effective method of slurry and free-flowing liquid mitigation to the hydroexcavating and environmental remediation industries. 

Benefits of Absorb&Clean

  • Environmentally neutral / All natural product 
  • Convenient packaging for ease of mobility and storage 
  • Reduced labor and equipment costs 
  • Lower volumes of product needed thus reducing cartage and disposal fees 
  • Superior liquid absorption compared to current mitigation methods 
  • Fast-acting for immediate containment and load out 
  • No additional P.P.E required 
  • Eliminates the need for vacuum skimming of liquids from slurry boxes 
  • Creates a safer work environment MSDS available

Wood Fiber Pellets Characteristics

  • Environmentally neutral 
  • Can absorb three and a half (3.5x) times its weight in water 
  • Made from natural and renewable resources 
  • Additional natural absorbents are available for petroleum and latex-based products

Richards Excavating can provide for all stages of your project, from product supply to a full site set up, including slurry basins, product implementation, and load out services. 

The Absorb&Clean line of 100% natural compressed absorbents that we are distributing has unique benefits in the slurry mitigation and environmental remediation fields when compared to standard heating fuel pellets. From raw material sourcing through final packaging, all materials are held in a strict chain of custody to ensure only the cleanest and highest quality products. All raw materials start from closely monitored, environmentally responsible forestry management practices. 

Additionally, with multiple plants across the country, and an onsite ready-for-dispatch inventory, we can ensure timely delivery for your project, and are available for emergency response at all times. 

Absorb&Clean products are manufactured using a proprietary method that strips the fibers of all oils, resins, and absorbent barriers, leaving an all-natural wood product free of any contaminants, with an absorbency rate 3 times greater than pellets produced out of other materials with different methods. Unlike Absorb&Clean, many companies use construction, demolition, and pallet waste to produce their pellets, causing the potential for an unlimited amount of contamination.

Some of the more common chemicals found in these source materials are lead, mercury, asbestos, arsenic, warfarin, formaldehyde and 2,4,6-tribromoanisole(TBA) a fungicide used to treat pallets before shipment. The National Consumers League has also done testing on pallets showing that they have contained both E.coli and Listeria. This creates an environmental hazard for disposal and a safety hazard for all personnel coming in contact with these products. 

Absorb&Clean has set the standard with clean, highly absorbent, Environmentally responsible, and safe-to-handle wood absorbent products that have changed the way slurry and free-flowing liquids are handled in the industry. Please contact us with any questions regarding our products and services.

Application of Absorb&Clean Wood Pellets

Compare Our Wood Fiber Pellets

This is a side-by-side comparison of our all natural and environmentally neutral wood fiber pellets and the current method of wood chips in slurry solidification. With an absorption capacity of 3.5 times its weight and extremely fast reaction time our pellets offer an affordable, efficient, and safe option that will lower overall expenses with lower material costs, reduced labor and equipment costs, and less material to be disposed. Please contact Richards Excavating for delivery and product pricing.

Wood chipsWood fiber pellets
Product amount25 tons1 ton
Man hours needed2hr30 min
Disposal @ $20/ton$500.00$20.00
Equipment usedLoader and excavatorExcavator
Storage space needed 600 square feet14 square feet
Material cost$1,500.00$435.00
Total per unit cost$2,304.00$632.00